Fatcow Review 2018

Fatcow has long proven to be a top provider of web services for owners of blogs, businesses, and other online media. Managed by the Endurance International Group, Fatcow has provided a number of services for web hosting for a number of years, giving a great reputation to its company. While this company does offer a number of benefits, Hostgator and Bluehost have proven to be superior in terms of performance and overall quality. We give Fatcow a rating of 4/5 stars on the whole.

Pricing and Plans

As shown in our Fatcow review, the company offers signup services starting as low as $3 per month for shared hosting. While this is a good overall price, there are others that are cheaper and offer similar service. This price is for shared hosting only, with additional costs being necessary for WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, or other types of dedicated servers. You’ll receive add-on domains, bandwidth in unlimited amounts, and unlimited disk storage as part of the overall Fatcow package.

Uptime and Reliability

Fatcow typically performs steadily for several days in terms of uptime, but has shortage periods where the service stops responding or just goes down entirely. For this reason, Bluehost and Hostgator are our top recommendations for uptime and reliability. Fatcow typically offers decent service, however, if you are willing to put up with the server downtime and slowdowns. On average, their servers have delays in ping time as well, resulting in less than stellar performance.

Customer Service and Care

Fatcow offers hosting upgrades for VPS and dedicated plans, while shared hosting does not have built in upgrades. They also do not have a content delivery network which makes their service slower for loading WordPress pages and other types of sites. They do offer backups daily as well as live chat, phone support, and account activation that is instant.

Hosting Types

Fatcow offers a number of different hosting types including the base $3.15 per month shared hosting, but this price renews at $9 per month, which the company doesn’t tell you up front. However you will get unlimited bandwidth, disk space ,and email addresses, as well as plenty of social networking discounts after signing up for shared hosting. In addition, the host offers htaccess overrides, sever side includes, custom cron jobs, auto scripts with mojo marketplace, and a private domain registration if you wish to take advantage of it. You also get unlimited data transfer, storage, and ftp accounts.

WordPress Hosting with Fatcow

For hosting WordPress sites, Fatcow offers a reasonably decent service. Their starting WP plan is $4 per month with the essential plan costing $7 per month. You will gain access to pre installed plugins, themes, custom control panel, core hosting plan, and more. It is a great choice for those starting with their first business blog.

Blogging Choices

For those setting up their first blog or independent site, Fatcow offers a pretty good selection of site building choices. Unlike other services, Fatcow is easy to setup using a simple drag and drop editor. As long as you can use a mouse, you will be able to set up a site with Fatcow, no problem.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that their performance issues transfer over to blogging options as well. You will often experience major lag spikes and even traffic problems if you suddenly get a flood of visitors to your site. However, on the whole, blogging options with Fatcow are pretty decent.

Servers and Data Centers

Fatcow offers Apache powered Linux servers as part of its data units, with Apache being the main server software offered for web hosting. There are other faster choices out there. For cloud based and semi private options, Fatcow is a good choice. They will give you better control including root access for admins and those in need of greater flexibility. You will be able to use cPanel for editing your sites with their built in editing software. The pricing for this can range from twenty to eighty dollars depending on the plan you decide to go with.

Additional Features and Benefits

Fatcow offers credit card acceptance, server stat options, and the ability to edit htaccess. They also give you toll free numbers, ad credits, and plenty of marketing tools for getting your site out to the world. You can register or transfer domains, set up a new or existing one, and change email settings and auto responders. You will also be able to maintain, edit, and create new websites using simple scripts, file managers, and FTP. The simple file manager option available through Fatcow makes it fairly easy to access files on your root server. You can upload, delete, rename, or change permissions for your folders using this feature, as well as see directories, archives, copies, and uploads. You can also make new files and add permissions for new users as well.

htaccess Editor

For editing htaccess files, Fatcow makes the process pretty easy. You can edit or add MIME types, set up URL redirects, change custom error messages, block IP addresses, protect your site with passwords, and keep other sites from loading files to save on bandwidth. You can also edit your htaccess files directly using the direct editor — or change browsing tools with the open directory browsing manager.

MySQL and Other Options

Additional database options are available through the Fatcow interface, including MySQL for websites relying heavily on database management. SimpleScripts is a great choice for setting up a WordPress blog that might use it, or any other open source software necessary. Power users will also want to use MySQL since not all sites can give you the control you need otherwise.


On the whole, Fatcow offers pretty good services at a reasonable price for first time users and long time owners of websites. Unlike other services, they are fairly cheap in terms of web hosting price as well. However, we still recommend Hostgator and Bluehost as being superior choices in terms of overall service and performance. For Fatcow itself, we give the site a rating of 4/5 stars with reasonably good performance. You might want to check this host out if you need a quick and simple setup or just want to save money on your first month or two of web hosting.