Flywheel Hosting Review 2018

Flywheel Hosting has quickly risen to the top as one of the best managed WordPress hosting options available. Offering plenty of features for creative agencies, designers, bloggers, and independent website owners, Flywheel offers plenty of custom hosting options to make it easy for you to quickly set up your own site that is stable and fast. The pricing for Flywheel is also quite affordable, making this option one of the best for site owners in 2017.

Flywheel Hosting Review

For companies with managed clients, designers, developers, and bloggers, Flywheel offers an excellent service. Featuring a clean and simple, navigable interface that will give you a dashboard you can quickly set up and use, Flywheel is intuitive and user friendly. Offering a number of important pricing options, infrastructure choices, and designer elements to make it easy to set up your site, the company is also backed by a fully-workable customer service policy. Their team is always on call to give you the help you need as quickly as possible.

History of Flywheel

Starting in 2012, the company started with one simple goal: to quickly boost the options for developers and web designers all over the world, giving them options for building sites on WordPress. Using a simple dashboard and a site that is very attractive, the company gives you everything you need in terms of hosting options and scalability.

Pricing and Plans

Flywheel starts at $15 per month for their Tiny plan, which gives you one WordPress install, 5K visits per month, 250GB bandwidth and a full 5GB of storage. The personal plan starts at $30 per month with 25k visits per month, while the professional plan gives you 100,000 visits and a full terabyte of bandwidth. SSL Support and CDN is also included as part of your package.

Their pricing plans follow the same basic tiers as similar companies, giving you al you need to quickly set up a personal blog, a larger e-commerce site, or a multi-scale site that has plenty of visitors coming in every month. The SSL and CDN options are additional, but it doesn’t make as much sense to have these features for smaller scale sites, which is why the company puts them as add ons rather than simply giving them to you with the full package. For WordPress sites, the $75 pro account is a great deal — one that would cost you more than $300 extra per year at some of the company’s competitors.


One great thing about Flywheel is how easy it is to use. You want to be able to log in quickly, set up your dashboard, and get things done with as little time as possible. The key is to be able to quickly do what you need with a simple to use, user-friendly interface. Flywheel definitely delivers on this front, offering you exactly what you need to quickly boost productivity through user-friendliness as part of their site design.


Flywheel offers a number of premium features that are attractive to bloggers and independent business owners alike. Some of these features include export/view logs, demo sites, cache disable, WP_DEBUG enable from dashboard, addition of collaborators, password protection options, and an on-demand CDN that you can set up at any time. In addition, the company features free migrations, backups that are done on a nightly basis, and site cloning to ensure that your content is always kept safe and ready to go.

Customer Support

One of the great things about Flywheel is of course their customer support. They have email and ticket support that is typically answered with a 24 hour turnaround time. In addition, the company always reports system-wide problems or issues that might crop up.

Speed and Reliability

For cached versions of a number of different sites, Flywheel often performs better than its competitors, with faster load times on both cached and uncached versions.

Custom Solutions

One great thing about Flywheel is that if you have a specific type of site you would like to set up, they will work with you for a custom package that gives you things you need like plugins and optionals while still preserving the core software at the company’s heart. By simply setting up a site through the staging option, you can quickly test out new plugins, designs, and additional features.

Additional Features

Flywheel also has a number of other features including WordPress tuned sites, VPS-based clients instead of shared servers, no overages or extra fees, and Nginx as their core standard software (instead of Apache). in addition, the company features high uptime rates, great ability to upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time, and a number of malware and security monitoring solutions. Their program includes free demo sites, one click staging, and billing transfer for clients as well as 10 different server locations. Their encryption is top level, and they are payable through paypal so you do not need a credit card to sign up.

User Reviews

Plenty of satisfied customers have left reviews about Flywheel. One user mentioned that he found it very easy to use both the front and and backend control panels, making it easy to set up what he needed on his site without having to enter any code at all. Additionally, he loved how intuitive the user experience was; the program seemed to be able to predict his needs before he even entered his next steps.

Another user said that the Flywheel pricing choices were much more flexible than what she had previously been paying. Rather than struggling to pay off her bills each month for the service, she found it easy to set up and get going with Flywheel, unlike other managed WordPress company sites.


As a powerful source of hosting for managed WordPress content, flywheel is a great option for all types of users. The company receives a full 5/5 stars in our ratings and is considered the best in terms of managed WordPress hosting. Offering features such as the ability to set up and maintain sites over a secure, reliable, spacious connection, Flywheel is accessible, simple to use, and even “beautiful” as described by some users.