Hostgator Review 2018

One of the leading web providers of reseller, dedicated, and shared hosting plans, Hostgator has been in the business longer than anyone else. The company is based in Texas, having been founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. It has grown from a very small provider with just 3 servers to a multimillion dollar company. Hostgator has won a number of awards, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to grow their webspace online. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of this plan in our Hostgator review below.


Each webhosting plan, from the baby to business to cloud hosting plans, provide a number of features. Hostgator provides more than 75 open source scripts, Joomla support, and other CMS management support including Magento, Wiki hosting, and Drupal. You can easily host your own WordPress blog as well, using Hostgator’s custom WordPress platform. Hostgator is one of the oldest and most used webhosting companies, offering three different plans as part of its main package.

The company provides unlimited Pop3 email, webmail access, and the ability to send email straight to your phone with IMAP support.

You’ll gain access to a powerful cPanel control set, using AWStats, raw log managers, and error logging. You’ll also be able to see blogs, portals, counters, and formmail, as well as password protected directories and a web based file manager.

Hostgator also provides unlimited MySQL databases, CGI and PHP support, Ruby support, Python, and Perl support. All accounts are covered with SSL certificates, including system management options through SSH and Cron Jobs.


Hostgator offers a number of major hosting options. These include shared, reseller, and dedicated.

Shared hosting is the most basic plan for hosting. They offer hatchling, baby, and business plans under this branch, with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. These are two features not many webhosts offer these days, making Hostgator a serious contender.

The prices scale with hatchling starting at $4 per month, baby going for $5, and business going for $7. Hostgator still offers the most reliable and affordable webhosting around.

For dedicated servers, you will get your own server and can acquire serious traffic without any problems. If you get to traffic levels of a few million page views every week or month, this is definitely the best option.

Finally, Hostgator offers reseller hosting, which has aluminum all the way to diamond packages. These options change based on the number of features you get; generally, 99% uptime is always guaranteed for each of these plans.

Hostgator Compared to Other Platforms

We tested a number of other web hosts to compare to Hostgator, and each time, Hostgator won out in terms of reliability, customer support, and overall speed and features. The company has been around longer and established itself as one of the best web hosts out there for a reason: they stand by what they promise.

Hostgator vs Godaddy

While Godaddy also provides webhosting, they don’t quite come near to Hostgator in terms of quality support and speed. Their hosting prices start at roughly $3 per month, but they do not include the same number of features as Hostgator, nor do they have Hostgator’s content-rich help network.

Hostgator vs iPage

While iPage is a more recent player on the webhosting front, they don’t come close to Hostgator in terms of features, software, user-friendliness, or tech support. Many users have complained about unwanted charges on their credit card after signing up for iPage, and their hosting does not include the same affordable price rate offered by Hostgator plans.

Hostgator vs Bluehost

Bluehost used to be a popular webhost, but hasn’t been around as long as Hostgator, so they don’t have the same reputation for reliability and excellence. They also don’t have timely tech support, requiring you to wait quite a bit before receiving an answer to your question or ticket. On the whole, Bluehost clocks in significantly slower than Hostgator in terms of speed and uptime, as well.

Hostgator vs Dreamhost

Dreamhost does have one thing going for it: its 97 day moneyback guarantee. However, this doesn’t make up for the high price and general downtime of their email servers. Reliability is a big problem for Dreamhost in this regard. Additionally, their servers have been known to get hacked frequently, especially during policy change when the company decides to randomly delete customer files. They don’t come close to Hostgator in terms of tech support or reliability.

Customer Service

Tech support and customer service are two of Hostgator’s strongest selling points. The company offers an immense database of help articles, where you can find more than 500 video tutorials on anything from setup to completion of your website. You can also access a community forum for support — or simply dial into the help and service line to get one on one tech support from a customer service rep. The company provides a number of FAQs, live chat options, and email/ticket support. This means they offer a great balance between contact methods and excellent documentation.

Additional Features

Additionally, Hostgator offers an easy to use control panel with flexible, intuitive features; a free weebly site builder; and 4500 free templates you can use for any website. They also give you 50 free scripts you can set up in just one click, and provide free website and domain transfers from any other host you might currently have. You will also receive $100 in Google Adwords credits just for signing up. The company also includes a 45 day money back guarantee, so if for any reason you aren’t happy, you can quickly request a full refund.


As you can see from our Hostgator review, this company is one of the top web hosting companies available for many reasons. They offer the most competitive pricing you can find; they have reliable customer service; and they beat out the competition in reliability, uptime, and email/phone support. Any time you have a problem with your package, website, or platform/security, you can quickly contact someone to help you resolve your issue. With their cPanel platform and its intuitive, user-friendly design, Hostgator makes it simple to get your site set up — even if you have never had a website for your company before. For this reason, they are our number #1 choice.

Rating: 5/5 stars.