InMotion Hosting Review 2018

InMotion hosting offers a number of affordable plans, easy software of rebuilding a website, and plenty of features to make it an attractive web host. In addition, the company provides a money back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with their service. They offer dedicated, VPS, wordpress, and shared hosting plans for all types of needs in terms of online business. Whether you are a first time blogger just starting out with your first site, or an experienced web marketer needing to scale your business fast, InMotion hosting offers lots of features for your needs.

InMotion Hosting Review

With plenty of different plans to choose from, solid uptime, and lots of features for users in terms of security, site building, and more, this web host is considered one of the best in the business. InMotion hosting offers Windows and Linux based servers as well as unlimited monthly data transfers, storage, email, domains, and shared hosting services. The company is known for good customer service and low pricing as well. With solid uptime and lots of reliability, this company is a great choice for anyone.

InMotion Plans and Pricing

For Shared hosting plans, InMotion offers a Launch, a Power, and a Pro plan. The Launch plan starts at $8 per month, the power at $10, and the pro at $16 per month if you sign up annually. Each of these plans offers full support, with the first giving six domains and stow sites, and the pro giving unlimited domains, sites, and storage. You’ll also gain access to monthly data transfers and email storage in unlimited amounts as part of their shared plans.

WordPress Hosting

In addition to offering shared hosting via their main service, InMotion offers plenty of choices for WordPress platforms as well. They offer a third party WordPress plugin service, caching for each page, security, and automatic updates and backups on a daily basis. You’ll also gain access to plenty of features like the BoldGrid builder, which helps you set up fully features websites in no time at all.

To set up a website with InMotion, you don’t need to have any special experience building sites. Their drag and drop editor makes it was to create a site and host it through their regular service. In addition, you can manage all your login accounts from the AMP or account management panel, while you will need to log in to cPanel to control your site settings.

InMotion Hosting vs iPage

InMotion hosting definitely wins out over iPage. While iPage offers a few selections in terms of cheap pricing, their service doesn’t compare to InMotion’s — which is significantly stronger on all counts. It’s also true that InMotion offers resources and services such as the fully featured site builder that you won’t find through iPage.

InMotion Hosting vs Namecheap

InMotion Hosting again beats out Namecheap, which is pretty good as a domain name registration service, but lacking in terms of web hosting because they cost so much more. It’s better to sign up for InMotion who will give you a continual price the whole time you have service with them.

InMotion Hosting vs Digital Ocean

In comparing InMotion to Digital Ocean, we found that again, InMotion won out. With their numerous features, low pricing, great customer service, and excellent uptime and reliability, it’s just hard to beat InMotion on any front. Digital Ocean is not a bad host, but we still recommend InMotion as our top pick due to its superior technology, service, choice of pricing and plans, and overall features and site interface.

Security and Uptime

InMotion provides plenty of different services such as remote backups, security and malware protection, SSL, and more. In addition, free special plugins are provided for WordPress sites while McAfee is given for virus and spam protection for email accounts. The uptime of InMotion is extremely good, rating as dependable over a full month. The tools used to determine uptime were those that pinged the site regularly, telling you by email if the site is unobtainable for over a minute. InMotion excelled on this test, proving time and again to be able to provide excellent uptime without a hiccup.

Customer Service

In general, InMotion hosting is known for having some of the best customer service around. They have won numerous awards for being on top of things — and getting back to you in just a few hours when you submit a ticket. Their reps are helpful, friendly, and ready to answer any time you have questions. They will stick with any problems you might encounter until they are completely, fully solved.

InMotion Scalability

One of the key features of any web host is its ability to scale your site to the next level. In terms of upgrading your site, InMotion offers plenty of choices — with VPS, dedicated servers, and more. As soon as you start getting more traffic to your site and needing to have more space and hosting capacity, they will be able to quickly upgrade your site for a low fee.

InMotion User Reviews

Users of the service provided by InMotion Hosting have repeatedly left good reviews and ratings. One user said she was able to scale her online blog to a new level, making more sales, growing her list, and obtaining a much better business overall. Another customer said that setting up a website was much easier with this service that any he had tried before. In addition, when it came to covering costs, InMotion Hosting was found to be one of the most affordable on the market, giving him service he couldn’t find for a comparable rate anywhere.


InMotion hosting is scalable, reliable, affordable, and easy to set up. With a number of features including e-commerce site additions, add ons for free, uptime, reliability, security, and lots of site building features, this host is considered to be one of the best around. Instead of having to struggle to get an answer when you run into tech errors, their customer service will quickly come to your aid and provide the answers you need. It’s hard to go wrong with InMotion Hosting, which will quickly provide exactly the hosting space, transfers, domain registration, and affordability that you need to successfully run an online business.