Siteground Review 2018

SiteGround is considered one of the top web hosting plans available. Receiving a full 5/5 stars in our review, Siteground ranks as the best source of web hosting for pricing, affordability, hosting uptime and reliability, and customer service. In addition to these important features, Siteground features a range of plans for all budgets and types of service. You’ll find that over time, Siteground ranks as one of the best sources of affordable hosting that is scalable, reliable, and easy to set up without any hassle at all.

Siteground Review

Siteground features a number of important benefits including the SuperCacher for better speed and load times, plenty of backup copies that take place automatically for your site’s security, and unlimited disk and web space. You’ll be able to get pries starting as low as $4 per month for their initial plan, which is best for those who get ten thousand or fewer visits per month. In addition, site ground gives you unlimited bandwidth, a CDN, and a free domain name as part of their package for all plans.

Siteground Plans and Pricing

Siteground offers a Startup Plan, a Growbig Plan, and a GoGeek plan. Their first plan, the Startup, is $4 monthly and gives you ten GB space and one site per setup. This is a great starting plan that is affordable and easy to set up. Their second plan, the Growbig plan, offers 20 gb of space for your server, thirty copies of your site for backups, and a SuperCacher that includes better speed than ever. You will get up to twenty five thousand visits with this place — which costs $8 per month. Finally, they have Gogeek Plan that costs $15 per month and gives you the Supercacher, 100k monthly visits, and a years free SSL cert as well as thirty copies of backups.

Siteground Features

In addition to providing SuperCacher and SSL certs, Siteground gives you unlimited bandwidth, a free CDN, and free domain name as well as a free email account for all shared hosting plans. Other features include super fast uptime that is 100% guaranteed, great customer support, and auto managed wordpress. This means that all your plans will receive free transfers, a one click installer, WP staging and more. For setting up WordPress sites, Siteground makes it super easy.

In addition, you will get access to a free domain name, free add ons for security, and a special monitoring service called hackAlert that ensures your website is consistently monitored for any compromises. They also give you access to hotline protection, block of iP addresses, Spam Experts, and SpamAssassin as part of each package.

Siteground vs Godaddy

Godaddy hosting has consistently received a lower rating than Siteground due to its complicated interface and lack of cPanel support. This has made Godaddy a less than optimal web hosting service on the whole. However, if you are in need of an introductory hosting service, Godaddy is passable. That said, we still recommend Siteground due to its number of features as well as the content delivery network which Godaddy doesn’t have.

Siteground vs. Flywheel

Flywheel hosting is one of the newer web hosts available, with a comparable pricing plan and overall service. However, in doing a speed test comparison of the two companies, we found that Siteground consistently ranked higher in terms of speed and reliability. Siteground has proven itself to be one of the best hosting services for reliability and speed, offering premium uptime and overall caching.

Siteground vs. Pagely

Pagely offers some features that are similar to Siteground such as unlimited bandwidth and domains as well as a free site transfer, but Siteground still ranks better overall. This is due to Siteground’s superior reputation, plan offerings, customer service, and number of features for security and site backups. Pagely does not compare to Siteground when looking at a breakdown of security offerings.

Siteground Benefits

On the whole, Siteground offers a number of benefits for new and experienced website owners alike, including great caching, security, and speed. Siteground is also known for their superior green technology, which makes sure to be environmentally conscious. They offer a number of different plans for all site types, which is good for those wanting to scale up their site in the future.

Customer Service

In a test of Siteground’s customer service, we found that the web host did consistently well. Each of the reps we talked to by phone, web chat, and ticket was knowledgeable, friendly, and able to help us very quickly. Unlike some web hosts, where you have to wait forever to get a response, we had a ticket answered in less than an hour while our phone call was answered in just a few minutes. This made it easy for all our technical issues to be resolved in a very short period.

Additional Benefits

Beyond what we mentioned above, Siteground has a few additional benefits such as no hidden fees, straightforward pricing, and no charging of setup fees. They also give you a lot of storage space compared to other hosts for the money. Even the startup plan offers plenty of storage, uptime, and scalability for new site owners, while also giving you room to grow should you need more power and plan space. Siteground is a good choice for users on a budget since the startup plan begins at just $4 per month. As a choice for experience hosts, as well, Siteground offers a robust experience that is affordable and easy to manage. Their WordPress hosting is some of the best available, thanks to their powerful caching technology, their content delivery network, and additional WordPress-based features that make sure this content management system is loaded quickly.


As a web host, we give Siteground 5/5 stars and recommend it as our number one choice on the whole. Providing premium customer service, great uptime and reliability, and a number of options for pricing and service plans, Siteground is a great choice for many users. In addition, their customer service is also very good, offering knowledgeable and friendly customer service reps who are quick to answer your questions. On the whole, Siteground ranks as a consistently solid web host with lots of pricing options and scalable features.