WPEngine Review 2018

WPEngine is one of the major companies providing service for WordPress users all over the world — and anyone who wants to set up a WordPress site. Using special scalability, security, and content management features, this is one of the best choices for customers all over the world. With a history of being customer-centric, WPEngine is truly a top selection or anyone who needs a powerful, flexible CMS solution. In our WPEngine review, we’ll discuss the plans, pricing, and benefits of this company.

WPEngine Plans and Pricing

WPEngine features a number of different plans for all ranges of business needs and sizes. They start with the Personal plan, which gives you one site and 25K visitors per month as part of your traffic allotment. You will also get unlimited amounts of data and over ten GB of storage. This plan costs $29 per month.

The Professional plan provides for ten WordPress installations and one hundred thousand visits per month. This plan costs $99 per month and gives you twenty GB of local storage as well as unlimited amount sod bandwidth and data.

Finally, the Business plan gives you twenty five installations of WordPress as well as 400,000 visitors per month, and thirty gigabytes of storage. This plan goes for $250 per month.

WPEngine Features

WPEngine includes powerful tech support, firewalls, daily redundant backups, support for a special chatting technology known as Evercache, and special content delivery network support to allow your content to be accessed more quickly around the globe.

WPEngine provides seriously secure, scalable hosting platforms for WordPress sites. Using more than 150 experts from all over the world, they are on call to help you with any issues you might have. They perform regular malware and security updates and scans to ensure your site is kept safe and secure at all times.

Evercache is WPEngine’s unique scalable system that allows you to keep more visitors coming daily to your site than ever before. Thanks to this special technology, WPEngine helps you ensure that your server never has to suffer a failure due to traffic spikes. This special platform uses data centers that are located throughout the globe, with data being delivered by the server that is nearest to your visitor’s actual location. It is extremely scalable and fast, with unique temporary measures that you may add to the site to help distribution and scalability.

WPEngine in the News

Recently, the company’s CEO has been working hard to push out new business offerings for customers seeking to engage through the WordPress content management system. Heather Brunner, the CEO of WPEngine, explained why this company is so good at helping businesses succeed. Using WordPress, they are able to quickly create a very good looking website that will showcase each of your business’ unique features and deliver content in such a way that customers can quickly get an idea of what your brand is all about. WPEngine has recently added special customization, flexibility, and scalability additions to make it even more powerful. In addition, says Brunner, the company is part of an extremely dynamic community that helps users progress quickly.

History of WPEngine

This company was founded in 2010, primarily focusing on WordPress as its major platform to delver to customers. It now has more than three hundred employees, with Heather Brunner taking over as CEO and Jason Cohen taking over as CTO. WPEngine actively works with the business community, being founded in Austin Texas, where it receives a great deal of community support. It has been cited as one of the best companies to work for in Texas, and is significantly well-known for its power in WordPress options for business owners all around the world.

WPEngine Coupons

There are a number of special coupon codes you can use with WPEngine when you are first signing up, or even if you’ve been a customer for quite some time. One code lets you take 20% off your original monthly payment, while another lets you get 2 months fee when you sign up for the personal plan. Another coupon gives you an annual rate for the professional plan of just $990, saving you significantly in the long run.

WPEngine Benefits

WPEngine has a number of important benefits, including their knowledgeable and friendly customer service, as well as their security features. If you have any problems with your site, their tech support helpers will quickly give you support via phone, tickets, or live chat, all around the clock. They have more than a hundred WordPress experts as part of their core employee base, allowing them to train and keep their education up to date. They also take customer feedback seriously into consideration, and make sure that this feedback is what fuels the company’s innovation and development as a business. They also provide special account management guidance, Launch Readiness help, and a unique consultation for onboarding.

Company Features

WPEngine provides a number of important features, including SSL certificates and a unique control panel to allow you to custom and control your site. In addition, they have a set of core values such as being customer-centric, empowering other employees to provide support and service above all else, and allowing long term investment plans to triumph over short term gain. For this reason, they build long term relationships with their employees and customers, making them the kind of company you can come back to over and over whenever you need a new WordPress site.

Additional Features

WPEngine also provides special WPEngine search tools, allowing you to have an accurate platform to let your visitors quickly search your site. This feature uses the WPEngine search plugin, which lets visitors navigate your site quickly and easily. It includes full text search features as well as premium accuracy and availability.

In addition, WPEngine sites all include “related posts” as one of its major features. This is a special feature that lets you put any content you want into your sites footer, which lets the site be more interactive and engaging for visitors. This ultimately translates into more revenue for you and your business.


Thanks to the company’s focus on customers and their ability to deliver the best technology for any WordPress site, WPEngine is our top recommendation for WordPress site management. Rated 5/5 stars for customer service, friendliness, and speed/scalability, WPEngine is a secure and stable choice for long-term website building.